Through the eyes, mind and heart of a veteran.

These episodes represent traditional values and viewpoints developed over thousands of years and their impact or the lack thereof, on our families, our friends, as well as on our faith and our nation.

Are we traveling down the right road, or are emotions, based on the evils of our time leading us to a major catastrophe? Why have we allowed a ‘fifth column’ inside our borders? Not only promoting it, but embracing them.

When those wearing the colors are or were defending us, what are their thinking and feelings? How does America express our Values and views today?

Today many families are in trouble financially. Is it because they fail, or even understand, what a financial plan is, or just as importantly, what a cash management system means to them?

Finally, there will be a Special Feature ending in every episode. Your chance to have a close encounter with a figure who is in, or was in the national spotlight. These are stories that hopefully will put a smile on your face or make you think.

It is my hope you will enjoy and experience ideas and concepts you haven’t had before about our nation and the people who built it.

Pick the definition you like and you will be right.
A VFW view, “Freedom is never free, and freedom never lives without jeopardy.”

Or as

St. Augustine was quoted by Thomas Jefferson, Dr. ML King, John Paul II and others
“Freedom is not the right to do whatever you want,
It is the right to do what you ought.”